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The Uncle Tom’s Cabin Kentucky Museum is currently in its initial planning stages. It will be located in Daviess County, Kentucky. A small storefront building has been identified in downtown Owensboro to begin operations. Accommodation will be maintained at that site until expansion becomes necessary.


Over 1400 artifacts related to Harriet Beecher Stowe, Josiah Henson, and Uncle Tom’s Cabin are slated to be housed in this museum.

Leslie Talbott Interview
Created by Rick Miller of Owensboro, Kentucky.




Leslie Talbott will provide the vision for the museum as well as its artifacts.  It will be run and oerated by a "Core Group" of volunteer officers, skilled business people,media technicians, museum staffers, et.



See Contact Information to Volunteer Your Services,
Skills, or Expertise In The Following Areas:

* Governance of the non-profit organization

* Startup and Daily Operations of the Museum

*Public Relations Services, Information, etc.


* Legal Services


Leslie Talbott
Founder & Owner

Email: uncletomscabinky@gmail.com

Advisory Board

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